Case Study: CMK Companies

CMK Companies is a leading Chicago real estate company that has helped redefine the concept of urban living with its award-winning contemporary buildings. The firm is responsible for nearly $1 billion in real estate development for projects in Chicago, Florida, Michigan and the Caribbean.


As an industry leader, CMK Companies ambitiously undertook development of the largest downtown Chicago condo project since the 1970s at 714 units. They also did this at a time when the real estate market was the worst it had been since the Great Depression.


Developers in the City of Chicago have traditionally spent their marketing dollars in one place – The Sunday Edition of the Chicago Tribune. This opened up the possibility to market our property in new and unique ways – capturing potential buyers without competition from other developers.


In addition to having a baseline presence in the Chicago Tribune, we developed a campaign that included: office tower advertising; internet & social media marketing; transit advertising; video-on-demand long-form commercials; search engine marketing; and flyers to Chicago area realtors.


Within 6 months, over 50% of the units in the building had been sold. CMK Companies also reported the highest sales of all residential developers in the Chicago area, accounting for nearly 10% of the market and easily beating struggling national homebuilders like Pulte Homes Inc. and Lennar Corp. This was at a time when across Chicago, sales of new condominiums and town homes had dropped 27% from the same period the previous year.

...And We Quote...

"Effective advertising and proper placement are among the most critical aspects of our business. Olander Group’s attention to detail, effective analysis and media relations have helped to improve our overall advertising strategy, and have ultimately reduced our advertising expenditures while creating a higher capture rate of qualified prospects."

- Scott Hoskins, President - CMK Companies