Advertising Media Review for Qualified Advertisers. 

If you’re buying advertising media, you want the most leads, prospects and customers at the least cost. So do you have a comprehensive, efficient, targeted plan that takes advantage of the most current tools and technologies – or are you just guessing? Let Olander Group review your plan. Limited reviews available.

The Offer:

A great media plan involves a lot of research, expertise, and hard work. A professional review is a great place to start to see if you have all the pieces in place. You are invited to contact us for a free, no obligation advertising media review. Share the rough outlines of your plan with us. We will review your plan and then suggest ways to increase your ROI and save precious ad dollars.

We can show you new opportunities in the market and exciting new tools for targeting and analysis. You are free to use all our recommendations and insights without hiring our firm if you do not feel there is a fit. Our time is obviously limited so we are offering the reviews on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

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Call our founder, Mike Olander, directly at 815-680-6500 x223. If he is not at his desk, please just leave a message with your name, organization, and contact information and he will follow-up with you at a time that is best for you or your staff; or,

Email Mike at Include in your email that you would like to be considered for a free media review. Also please include your contact information and best time to follow up with you or your staff; or,

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